Fiscal 2018 curriculum

Kuma Foundation will provide comprehensive support for the scholarship students’ creative activities
from the commencement of the scholarship payments (100,000 yen a month, 1,200,000 yen over the course of the year),
until the Kuma Exhibition in March of the following year.

In order to become creators that succeed on a global scale,
rather than simply undertaking creative pursuits as an individual it is essential to acquire
“the ability to promote yourself” and successively present new works,
thereby winning the praise of industry professionals, companies and large numbers of people.

With that in mind, Kuma Foundation supports the formation of the top creators of the future
by taking the series of processes from INPUT to OUTCOME and forming them into a curriculum,
alongside the OUTPUT that creators undertake as individuals.


#1 OUTPUT Creative activity Production All year

At Kuma Foundation, OUTPUT does not simply refer to tangible objects such as art, film and manga, but includes intangible objects also, like the development of apps and games etc. as well as dance, music and project plans.

By utilizing the scholarship of 1,200,000 yen over the course of the year (100,000 yen/month) effectively, scholarship students secure the time they need to create and can thus concentrate on OUTPUT. The scholarship can be used freely provided it is spent on things connected to creative activities.

The scholarship students receive Kuma Foundation’s support for realizing their activity plans by the Kuma Exhibition in March of the following year.

Examples of how the scholarship may be used
  • ・To cover purchases of equipment and materials
  • ・To pay rental fees on studio and exhibition space
  • ・To cover the cost of exhibiting in competitions
  • ・To pay to participate in exhibitions or study groups
  • ・To cover the cost of gathering information
  • ・To cover living expenses in order to concentrate on creative pursuits
Examples of support
  • ・Introductions to mentors, other creators and companies
  • ・Upskilling support
  • ・Provision of studio and exhibition space
  • ・Lending of materials and provision of information
  • ・Support with exchanges with other scholarship students, project activities and group exhibitions

#2 INPUT Study July~September

In order to create works that resound worldwide, in addition to the more obvious requirements such as basic knowledge and familiarity with the latest techniques, it is also essential for creators to hone their ability to promote themselves.

Kuma Foundation supports scholarship students with acquiring knowledge and techniques and improving their self-promotion skills by establishing INPUT opportunities, where the students undertake thorough research, gather information, receive advice from professionals and exchange information and opinions with fellow scholarship students.

  • June 1 (Fri.), 2018
    • ・Explanatory meeting
    • ・Paperwork
    • ・Second intake students’ get-together
  • Kick-off party
    • ・Exchange meeting for scholarship students (first intake students and second intake students)
    • ・Exchange meeting between scholarship students and the Foundation
  • In June
    Scholarship payments commence
    • ・The first payment is the April to June portion of the scholarship, then from July the payments are made monthly
  • Individual interview
    • ・Individual interviews for the purpose of realizing students’ activity plans, based on the application documents
      (Skype interviews also possible)
  • Three days in mid-August
    (to be announced later)
    Kuma Camp 2018 S/S
    • ・A camp for scholarship students held at COLONY Hakone
    • ・Workshops for creators
    • ・Independent planning
    • ・Exchange meeting for scholarship students
    • ・Walks in the vicinity of the venue to collect information, take videos, sketch, visit galleries etc.
      *Please be aware that the schedule may also change.

#3 PREVIEW Share your work October

Drawing on the knowledge, techniques and self-promotion skills that are “inputted,” the students will give an interim presentation of their creative activities up to that point.
At the presentation, they will expand their perspectives by receiving feedback and by talking and interacting with fellow scholarship students. This is an opportunity for a special PREVIEW where the students can familiarize themselves with the works and ideas of contemporaneous creators who are active in various genres.

The interim presentation will also serve as a venue for students to come up with specific plans for the Kuma Exhibition that is held in March of the following year.

  • Mid to late October
    Kuma Camp 2018 A/W
    • ・Interim presentation held at COLONY Hakone
    • ・Feedback from professionals
    • ・Discussions by scholarship students
    • ・Formulation of specific plans for the Kuma Exhibition
    • ・Exchange meetings

#4 BRUSHUP Improvement November~February

By leveraging the knowledge, techniques and self-promotion skills obtained through INPUT and PREVIEW, scholarship students will explore and execute PR methods that are more effectively matched to them, including with regard to the content of portfolios, websites and exhibitions.

Students will also BRUSH UP their works in the run-up to the Kuma Exhibition in March.

#5 OUTCOME Final presentation March

The curriculum culminates with the Kuma Exhibition, where the creative works are presented and exhibited.

Simultaneously, the Kuma Creators’ Catalogue is produced to introduce the scholarship students and showcase their activities. These provide a venue for OUTCOME, whose goal is to promote students’ works in various quarters including companies, galleries and studios.

  • March 16 (Sat.)
    17 (Sun.), 2019
    KUMA Exhibition
    • ・Presentation and exhibition of works at the event venue
    • ・Feedback from professional creators
    • ・Public opening
    • ・Closing party
  • Last day of March
    Submission of reports on activities over the year
    • ・Submission of requests for scholarship to be extended
    • ・Screening for scholarship extensions carried out based on creative activities, presentations, and activities reports
  • Scheduled to be issued in May
    The KUMA Creators’ Catalogue
    • ・A catalogue will be issued that outlines the Kuma Foundation’s activities, and introduces the first intake students and showcases their activities
      *Please be aware that the schedule may also change.