FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Regarding the Foundation’s activities

What activities does the Foundation undertake and how is it run?
As a foundation, Kuma Foundation is an independent organization that undertakes activities of high public interest. Its activity plan, budget breakdown, activities for each operating year and financial results etc. are released externally. The activity plan and budget are decided following consideration at the Foundation’s board of directors, which is composed of external experts and others, including specialists, and are reported via the Foundation’s website to ensure they can be widely confirmed by all.
What sorts of activities does the Foundation undertake specifically?
The Foundation is planning to hold workshops, presentations, exchange camps and other events as follow-up activities for the scholarship students. Please refer to this website for details of the Foundation’s activities. In the course of considering the Foundation’s activities we also fairly consider and make decisions on collaborating with other organizations. External specialists and experts are involved in that process.

Regarding applications

Can an anyone apply?
Individuals who are students and are aged 25 years old or younger as of April 1, 2018 are eligible to apply. For more details please refer to “Application requirements.
What sort of creators are eligible to apply?
Individuals involved in making things as a whole are designated as being creators and are thus eligible to apply. That means, for example, producers of original films and games, composers, painters, writers, manga artists, auteurs, and makers of digital content and services. Furthermore, because applicants will be asked to submit their own work as part of the screening process, to be eligible individuals must be able to submit their own work.
Is scholarly ability a factor?
The success or failure of applications is not related to applicants’ scholarly ability. For more details please refer to “Application requirements.
Does it cost anything to apply?
The cost of creating and sending the documents that need to be submitted to the secretariat is to be covered by the applicants themselves.
Is it possible to have the submitted documents returned?
Please be aware that documents will not be returned. Kuma Foundation will responsibly destroy the documents after the screening ends.
Does the 1,200,000 yen scholarship need to be repaid?
Because the Creator Scholarship is a “benefit-type scholarship” it does not need to be repaid.
Are there limits on how the scholarship can be used?
There are no limits. The scholarship can be used to cover a wide range of needs, including to cover students’ own living costs, the cost of experiences connected to their growth as creators, the cost of renting space for creating work, the cost of purchasing materials and so on.
I am temporarily taking time off university (or repeating a year). Can I apply?
You can still apply if you are temporarily taking time off university (or repeating a year). You will be asked to explain the goals or reasons etc. for doing so at the interviews etc., and if the Foundation concludes that this will contribute to your activities as a creator, you will be eligible for the scholarship.

Regarding the screening

How will I learn whether my application has been successful or not?
Applicants will be contacted directly regarding the outcome of the screening by May 31, 2018.
Is it possible to receive the scholarship while receiving another scholarship?
Yes, it is possible. However, scholarship students have a duty to participate in the curriculum run by Kuma Foundation. For more details please refer to “Application requirements.
I want to apply for the screening from some distance away. Will you pay my travel expenses?
The Foundation will pay the actual cost of your travel expenses. The first interview is scheduled to be conducted on Skype or a similar platform, and the Foundation will pay the actual cost of travel expenses for the final screening.
There are two screening schedules. Are they different?
Most applications are scheduled to be taken in the first term schedule. You are recommended to apply under the earlier schedule, by January 31 (Wed.)
How should I submit my work?
In principle, please submit your own work as a data attachment. If it is difficult to submit your work as data, please make a separate inquiry by email. Please submit your work in a format that is easy for a third party to understand.