Application requirements

Application eligibility
Individuals who meet all of the following criteria are eligible to apply.

(1)Students who are in their fourth-year or higher or advanced course at a National Institute of Technology, or are enrolled at a vocational college, junior college, four-year university or graduate school (hereinafter referred to as “university”), as of April 2019

(2)Individuals who are 25 years old or younger as of April 1, 2019

(3)Individuals who are undertaking creative pursuits with the aim of becoming creators (original filmmakers, game designers, composers, painters, writers, manga artists, auteurs, technicians, makers of digital content and services etc.)

Number of scholarship places available
50 (scheduled)
* There is a possibility the number will change.
Payment details
Scholarship students will receive 100,000 yen/month (1,200,000 yen over the course of the year).
Payment period
In principle, a one-year period from April, 2019 to March, 2020.
However, after the payment period ends, Kuma Foundation will separately discuss the achievements etc. of the year concerned, and in some cases, may continue to pay a scholarship of the same sum even after the students advance to the next academic level or enter a master’s course.
Application period
Please refer to the schedule outlined below.
Kuma foundation schedule
Application method
Enter application via the Kuma Foundation website. Submission of application form and work

After completing the application process, please wait to be contacted.
* Applications for this scholarship will only be accepted online.