To all students aspiring to become top creators

The management philosophy of COLOPL, Inc., a company I founded in 2008,
is “Entertainment in real life—making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment”.
All of the company’s staff are united in efforts to truly put this philosophy into practice.

There is demand for people with outstanding creative capabilities in all sectors of markets around the globe.
Demand for artistic skills in a wide range of areas such as computer games, animation, digital content, painting, photography, and so on,
is becoming increasingly pronounced in all manner of fields, regardless of genre.

The newly established Kuma Foundation provides, for students with the potential to perform on the world stage,
an environment designed to enable them to devote themselves to creative activities.
This includes scholarships, venues for creative activities, and exhibition opportunities.
I, as a creator myself, have prepared these as special tools that I consider indispensable for budding creators.

It is my hope that, by taking advantage of what the Kuma Foundation has to offer,
passionately determined students will be able to help make the lives of people around the world more enjoyable and wonderful.

Naruatsu Baba
Kuma Foundation