Creator Scholarships are open for entries

Kuma Foundation is announcing the open of entry for Creator Scholarship, purpose for supporting talented student creators. We will support by special programs and scholarship(monthly ¥100,000, ¥1,200,000 for a year) from payment starts to the final presentation in March.

To become a Global Creator, it is important to “self promote” and keep announcing your works to the public especially professionals, companies, etc…
Kuma Foundation will support future top creators with the “Study Programs”; 「OUTPUT」「INPUT」「PREVIEW」「BRUSH UP」「OUTCOME」. (instructions below)

Application period

Apply will start on 2017/1/30(MON)and check the following due dates,
First term : 2017/3/6(MON)19:00 Second term : 2017/5/15(MON)19:00
※We will select more students from the first deadline, therefore we prefer students to apply
until 3/6. For more information, check [Application requirements].

Kuma Foundation Scholarship Office