Hiromasa Iwasaki2017.08.05

Member of first batch of students exhibiting works at upcoming exhibition

he Kuma Foundation announces that Hiromasa Iwasaki (photography and sculpture), a member of the first batch of Kuma Foundation students, will be exhibiting works at the 2017 Gomimushi Exhibition.

The 2017 Gomimushi Exhibition marks the third consecutive year that Takao 599 Museum has hosted the exhibition.

Closest station: Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Takao Line

August 19 to 25

Comment from Hiromasa Iwasaki

The Gomimushi Exhibition is planned and managed by the “Gomimushi” group, a group of insect-loving students from five different art universities in Tokyo.

“When we, as insect lovers, look at the world or reflect on ourselves, what is it that we do and what is it that we create?”

Although I would prefer to exhibit my works as if they were mounted or stuffed specimens, doing so would be problematic for the venue since it is a museum rather than a gallery, so we have to exhibit our works in dedicated booths instead.

We have worked on the exhibition entirely by ourselves right from the initial planning stages. Please do go and check it out.