Itsuki Tsukui2017.08.07

Member of the first batch of Kuma Foundation students wins grand prize in the 5th Hayakawa SF Contest

Satsuki Tsukui (novels), a member of the first batch of Kuma Foundation students, has won the Grand Prize in the 5th Hayakawa SF Contest, for his work “Cornutopia”!


Here is a comment quoted from Hayakawa Publishing Corporation’s website:

The 5th Hayakawa SF Contest final selection committee, consisting of Hiroki Azuma, Issui Ogawa, Chohei Kambayashi, and Hayakawa Publishing Corporation editor-in-chief Yoshihiro Shiozawa, met on August 7 (Mon.) to select the Grand Prize winning works: Itsuki Tsukui’s “Cornutopia” and Kyosuke Higuchi’s “Kozo Soshi” (Structural Elements).

Both novellas and novels are eligible for the contest and Grand Prizes are awarded to the most outstanding works regardless of their length.

Grand Prize winners are awarded with a medal and one million yen, and the award-winning works are published in book and e-book form.