Keisuke Sano


Keisuke Sano is currently a second year Masters degree student studying lacquerware at the Tokyo University of the Arts after having graduated from the university’s Department of Crafts.
In addition to sake drinking implements and boxes made primarily through traditional techniques such as the raden and makie lacquerware styles, Sano focuses on three dimensional works using the various techniques according to a theme of a leap forward in expression through crafts in order to reevaluate the potential Japan’s unique crafts and craftsmanship, born of its history and tradition, from the standpoint of artistic expression.
His graduation work “The Dawn of Life (Seimei no Yoake)”, a makie box of using iron inlayed lacquer and the raden technique, and recipient of the Arakawa Mayor’s Award, is on permanent display at the city operated Yui no Mori Arakawa City Library in Arakawa, Tokyo. He is the recipient of the Sobachoko Cup Art Competition 2017 Special Award.

Keisuke Sano